Schedule Vi Format of Balance Sheet in Excel

Please send me a revised format Sch. VI & Income Statement and Balance Sheet I want Accounts Guru Software Formant, Real Estate Income Statement, Balancsheet P&L format is full of confusion. Are management and other administrative costs part of the “cost of equipment consumed”? Again, it has been shown that expenditure on social benefits separately knows what percentage a company spends on social assistance, but in practice these items are part of the wages paid to workers on the basis of several agreements and are essentially part of the “cost of equipment consumed”. It is not possible to take into account significant administrative, commercial and marketing costs in the P&L format. An item entitled “Other expenses” under depreciation appears to be the right place to report these expenses. Last but not least, to take into account the financial performance during the “abandoned period”, which represents a small percentage of the total organizations, a series of lines from XI to XV that could have been unnecessarily taken into account as a note for companies. There are so many other points about the P-L format, suggesting that the P-L format could have been postponed for at least two more years to see the result in a revised Annex VI and then impose it. Easy to download and distribute to balance sheet and balance sheet Sir, please send me a revised sch vi b/s and p&l a/c….. and even an Excel format for xbrl Revised Schedule VI gives a clearer picture of the company`s financial data with annotations so that lenders/investors can easily understand the financial activities. This is to inform you that I want to know the grouping of nomenclatures in Annex VI, because I want to group the ledgers in specified heads, and we also ask you to send us a document showing us which general ledger can be classified in which group so that we can check the same thing. Dear Mr. Pls, present to me a small format of the revised Schedule VI of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs [MCA], Government of India, on March 3, 2011, on its website, the revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956, which deals with the form of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the information provided therein.

Please send me the balance sheet and SPL in Word/Excel format Dear Sir, I needed six revised Excel Formet Pelase Send me as soon as Poosible Sir Pls send me a new format of P&L and balance sheet. Dear Mr. pls give me a small format of revised balance sheet of Annex VI and P&L A/c with annotations of the accounts two constraction companies Please send me the format of the result A / C and the balance sheet according to the revised schedule vi We prepare the P & L A / c and the balance sheet of our company for the financial year 2011-12: As such, I am grateful if you would send you an electronic copy of the revised Annex VI with the annexes and notes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I need the format of the company`s balance sheet to be revised -6 co. New Law 2013 Please send me the revised list of Schedule 6 based on the Inflation Bill Sir please send me Schedule 6. I am an i.p.c.c student. Revision of the form and content of a corporation`s balance sheet and profit and loss account under Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956. Dear Sir, I myself am a student of icsi. pls send me the format of the revised balance sheet. Thank you. Can you please tell me no? official notification, which makes the new Annex VI to the balance sheet and profit and loss account mandatory. Thank you sir pls.

send me the revised format of the balance sheet and profit and loss account in accordance with the revised Annex VI. The introduction of a new format under Annex VI is undoubtedly a welcome step in line with the changes in the overall accounts. But the format reveals an incomplete composition in many areas and raises many questions about how to present a particular element under which head. Interpretations lead to different formats of presentation by companies and ultimately no uniformity could be achieved, which is the government`s intention. The government badly needs a wireless discussion with ICAI to do loose things. It`s. 1. Spectacularly detailed and fast refenrencive in nature. In addition, 2. was competent to compete with international reporting standards, as very similar designed (close/Tends to) according to the taxonomy of internationally accepted principles of reporting diplomas. 3.

Notes and schedules are merged as NOTES. No planning + ad mixes. 4. The things that came up after the innovations in business development and taxation had to be revised for a long time. 5. Very ubiquitous in nature, a very small margin of maneuver to escape the information of all the people involved. 6. Members can even develop/support things/facts/information/figures based on their professional skepticism at the time of preparing the audit report or help management design feedback on the accounts. a very broad field for the professional work of auditors. 7.

NOT very rigid in terms of estrage/consolidation/reorganization of the figures of the previous year (the previous year). However, members should take a unvarnished, honest and integrated approach to presenting the grouping or repetition of the corresponding numbers in order to avoid future litigation. Sir, please send the format balance sheet, profit and loss account and hours to meas i m teaching area so required for my students please send Provide B/S formats in Word/Excel format please Sir can u send me the new company balance sheet as I am 12 class student. I have to prepare for the jury exam. Sir, please send me the revised Schedule vi P&L A/C and Balance Sheet Dear Sir, I am an Accountant, please send me Schedule (iii) Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account of Companies Act of 2013 in Excel format. Dear Mr. I work at Construction Engineering com please proven new format of profit and loss communication Sir Please send me the revised calendar vi in Excel format as soon as possible. I would have to do that. Sir, I am a C.A student of the IPCC, please send me the format of gay VI. it`s my plesure …………..

Revised Annex VI software – New Delhi for all reports All notes in Excel format – PDF Please send me a balance sheet and profit and loss supplement a/c What about the previous year`s balances of the income statement to be reported in the profit and loss register? Do you also need clarification on tax expenditures, whether they should be deducted or not? Could you please tell me the format of the revised balance sheet, profit and loss account, circular no. and. Date of the roundabout.. As soon as possible. I am a student of this Final, please send me the revised Appendix VI We Chartered Accountants also to be ready for the expected challenge for good reasons. I`m sorry to say that even today many accounts are drwan and are signed regardless of the existing schedule or AS. The Institute must take positive measures to empower its members to avoid consequences. As time is running out, this is my request to the member, please align correctly. Greetings CA. S.N.Banerjee Pls Send an email from the Annex 6 balance sheet of Indian companies, dear ladies and gentlemen, all spoiled professionals, it will be in the interest of the user of the annual financial statements when the financial information is presented in the most appropriate format.

the revised format is not so appropriate. and dear so-called professional fraternity, pls do not post comments as blind. it was very old and spoiled habits of you.. Sir, send me the revised vi schedule on my email address. Sir/Mam I am a student of CA IPCC 2, I would like to know the format of the revised Annex VI, please send it to me. Thank you, sir, I have gone through the revised Annex VI, it details what is needed to regulate financial discipline in the commercial organization. Let`s wait again, let`s see the reaction of Indian businessmen. The new timeline will reduce the scope of manipulation, whereby they prefer to present or disclose information to different stakeholders, especially the bank and IT department. With proper disclosure, much will be revealed and can raise many of the issues of the many stakeholders, even for existing cases. Therefore, implementation must be carried out legally with a practical approach. This change is some customization to the real format all exp more than 5000 / is mentioned separately head in p & l these possibilities that we must follow accordingly. Must provide part of the document at the time of tabling the Fair View report.

It can be revised accordingly, it can be confirmed report audit point of view is reviewed it`s good My QB accounts bank ledger balance and my bank statement balance is the same, but my balance sheet account balance is different, please give a solution, sir, Monsieur.Je am a student…

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