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Our Story
Who are we?

World Citizen is an initiative of TRT World that intends to inspire individuals to recognize their ability to contribute to creating real change in the world, and to use this as a platform for building a global coalition that is enhanced and encouraged by the potential of every member.

Our Story

At World Citizen, we seek to develop and empower individuals of this character through our work, and more importantly, to connect them with one another to better our world.










7:00 pm - 9:00 pmIstanbul


10:30 am - 6:30 pmAtatürk Kültür Merkezi

Humanitarian Film Festival 26-27 May 2022

8:00 am - 5:00 pmGrand Pera Emek Sahnesi


1:00 pm - 1:00 pmHasköy İplik Fabrikası


1:00 pm - 1:00 pmChildren of the Altınözü Refugee Camp


  • 🌙✨ May the blessings of Eid bring joy, peace, and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Let us take this opportunity to remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine and prayer for global peace, justice, and hope. 🕊️

  • Today is World Health Day and hospitals in Gaza are still under attack.
Today is World Health Day and Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip is no longer accessible.
Today is World Health Day and aid missions to Amal Hospital in the southern Gaza Strip have been blocked.
Today is World Health Day and health workers are continuously killed in Gaza while many hospitals are under siege. 
Today is World Health Day and over 400 attacks on health centers in Gaza have been recorded since October 7, killing over 600 people.
Today is World Health Day and there are 8,000 patients in Gaza who need to be evacuated for treatment with only 2,000 of those having been evacuated from Gaza so far. 
Today is World Health Day and there are 20,000 health workers in Gaza who want to do their job but they can't get to the hospitals.

#WorldHealthDay #Palestine #Gaza
  • Choosing the path of peace isn't just about avoiding conflict; it's about actively nurturing and sacrificing for it. 🕊

#MartinLutherKing #peace
  • Seven aid workers of World Central Kitchen were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. As TRT World Citizen, we extend our heartfelt condolences to our 2023 Award winner, Chef Jose Andres (@chefjoseandres), and all the members of World Central Kitchen. We urgently call for an end to the indiscriminate killings perpetrated by the Israeli regime, which shows no regard for the lives of innocent humanitarian workers actively delivering aid to starving Palestinians.

  • Küresel insani meseleleri sinema yoluyla yansıttığımız TRT World Citizen Humanitarian Film Festival başvuruları başladı! 🎬

🎥  Hikâyelerinizle farkındalığa ve pozitif değişime ilham olmak için adresinden başvurularınızı bekliyoruz. 

📽️ Son Başvuru: 17 Mayıs 2024

#TRTWorldCitizen #HumanitarianFilmFestival
  • 🌍 Calling all filmmakers! 🎬 

Join us for the TRT World Citizen Humanitarian Film Festival, where we spotlight global humanitarian issues through the lens of cinema. 

🎥 Share your powerful stories, and submit now at to be a part of the movement for positive change.

📽️ Submission Deadline: May 17

#TRTWorldCitizen #HumanitarianFilmFestival #InspirePositiveChange
  • According to research, women's participation in peace negotiations increases the likelihood of lasting peace by 20% for at least 2 years and 35% for at least 15 years, and reduces the likelihood of peace agreements failing by 64%, especially when civil society organisations are involved. Here are a few successful examples:

📌 Northern Ireland: Betty Williams and Mairead Maguire co-founded the Community for Peace People, mobilising 10,000 women and winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976.

📌 Liberia: Leymah Gbowee led an interfaith movement that contributed to the exile of Charles Taylor and laid the foundations for the presidency of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, both Nobel laureates in 2011.

📌 Philippines: In 2014, Miriam Coronel-Ferrer led the government team, with women making up 33% of the negotiators, to sign the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro.

📌 Somali Republic: Asha Hagi Elmi formed the women's Sixth Clan in 2000 to lobby for women's participation in peace talks.

#InternationalWomensDay #WomenLeadingtoPeace