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World Citizen is an initiative of TRT World that intends to inspire individuals to recognize their ability to contribute to creating real change in the world, and to use this as a platform for building a global coalition that is enhanced and encouraged by the potential of every member.

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At World Citizen, we seek to develop and empower individuals of this character through our work, and more importantly, to connect them with one another to better our world.








World Citizen Awards – 2018

8:00 am - 8:00 amRaffles Istanbul


8:00 am - 8:00 amFatih Ali Nar Secondary School


1:00 pm - 1:00 pmChildren of the Altınözü Refugee Camp


1:00 pm - 1:00 pmHasköy İplik Fabrikası


  • There are children living in the shadow of war, clinging to their dreams. Sometimes, pictures speak instead of words. The people, the houses, the trees in that picture... They are witnesses of what is going on, an expression of the weight of what is in our minds that cannot be explained in words. Maybe it's a message to the world.
Look at the pictures, and you'll understand what we are saying...

About 300 children displaced by the regime in Syria and living in tents in Idlib for years wrote messages and drew pictures of their lives and dreams on a 75-meter-long piece of paper at an event organized by a Syrian aid group.

“We wanted to be heard by the world through our drawings,”

The words of 13 year-old Muntehe Muhammed are perhaps the summary of the situation, or the sayings of 12 year-old Sheikh Yusuf, who wants to be a journalist when he grows up: 

“I want to show the world what the people are dealing with in Syria,”

Children filled the paper with drawings covering the violence they have experienced in civil war.

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  • We are living in a world where we are destroying ourselves slowly with our own hands. Our planet has increasingly been facing the threat of climate change and global warming, especially since the industrial revolution. 

Researches have observed that the high temperature record has been broken the last 4 years in a row, and the earth has warmed by 1 degree due to human activity. So who will pay for this? As always, children who are more vulnerable to climate and environmental shocks! Although they are not responsible for this situation…

When there is no other choice, where can they go?

Nearly half the world's 2.2 billion children live in one of the 33 countries classified as “extremely high-risk” of climate shock. 330 million children live in areas affected by at least five major shocks.

A decision has to be made before it's too late, to take the necessary precautions, or to watch as our world vanishes?

Wake up, the climate is changing! To have a future is the right every child.

Source: UNICEF

#climatechange #globalwarming #children #humanactivity #awakening #environment
  • Just think for a few minutes... What you ate, drank and what food you left unfinished yesterday. Imagine one day you can't access the food you normally eat. One of the issues our world is struggling with today is food waste. Hunger and poverty on one side, consumption and food waste on the other. You may think there is no harm in wasting a little bit of food. However, when food is lost or wasted, all the resources that were used to produce it, such as water, land, or labour, also go to waste. Think about the waste of millions of people, look at the overall picture, and what do you see? 

Can you believe that more than enough food is produced to feed the world population? Yet 811 million people still go hungry. Less food loss and waste creates more positive impacts on livelihoods.

Don't lose your future!

Source: FAO

  • Courage gives us a powerful urge to act, to show what is happening around us. Sometimes you have to make a choice: to be silent about what is going on, or to be the voice of the silent? That's what courage decides. 

As you all know, those living in Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood have recently faced the threat of being evicted from their homes. Palestinian activists, including Muna and her twin brother Mohammed al-Kurd, launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah to draw attention to what happened in Sheikh Jarrah, and this hashtag soon gained the world’s attention.

Activists Muna al-Kurd and Mohammed al-Kurd, who played a pivotal role in publicizing the threat of eviction of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood to the world, were honored among the "100 Most Influential People of 2021" by Time magazine. 

Palestinian activists are continuing to announce to the whole world the injustice in Sheikh Jarrah Neighbourhood, including the attacks of the Israeli police, through their posts on social media. 

If we wanted to describe them in one sentence, we would say: “To take action regardless of fear is brave.”

#palestine #timemagazine #socialmedia #savesheikhjarrah #courage
  • For some, hope is in the oceans. Did you know that last month, 47 irregular migrants lost their lives on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nouakchott, after being starved for about two weeks?

Mauritania's geography has natural features that encourage hundreds of Africans to reach the Canary Islands, the Spanish archipelago close to the African coast, even if they are at risk of death. African immigrants embark on a dangerous journey from the capital city of Nouakchott to Europe. However, primitive boats obstruct their dreams of reaching Europe, and more importantly, can cost them their lives.

The journey spans from the capital of Mauritania to Mali, then to Algeria and Morocco, specifically the city of Al-Nazur, and from there to the Spanish-administered city of Melilla. Irregular migrants cross into Europe either by jumping from a high wall of 5-6 meters, or by swimming a few kilometres. The journey between Nouakchott and Al-Nazur is a long and gruelling journey of approximately 3,000 kilometres. Moreover, most of the trip requires passing through deserts.

#africa #mauritania #migrant #journey #hope
  • These days, we may not be able to realize what is going on in the world. While we are immersed in our own lives, we may not be able to hear the silent cries of people thousands of kilometres away from us, or we may not be able to know #children who are lacking even the most basic rights. 

We may not know how seconds matter for some, what it means to hold onto life without food and water for days in the middle of a war, or to live in a tent in the middle of the mud during the winter.

We may not know what it is to be filled with fear, praying for rescue while strapped to a life jacket at sea, embarking on a journey of hope for a better future, and what it means to lose one of our family members on these journeys.

We may not know what it means to be subjected to hate speech, to be ostracized by others because of #religion or #race.

But we may know; peace is essential for a better future. When you start to understand others, you'll struggle for them. #Peace is the key to a world without #poverty, #wars, #starvation, and a world where every person and every child can have equal rights.
  • What comes to mind when you think of 2020? Coronavirus, pandemic, restrictions, quarantine? If we look at it from one perspective, yes, these words can sum up 2020. However, what happened to the life of refugees during this time? Did they stop their journey of hope? 

Of course no… For example, did you know that 2020 was the deadliest year for Rohingya refugees, mostly women and children, along the Bay of Bengal and India's Andaman Sea route. 

In the last 10 years, thousands of Rohingya refugees have left and continue to leave Myanmar's Rakhine State, and refugee camps in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar by sea. In UNHCR's new report, "Left Adrift at Sea: Dangerous Journeys of Refugees Across the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea", it is highlighted that of the 2,413 people known to have travelled in 2020, 218 died or disappeared at sea, meaning journeys made in 2020 were 8 times more deadly than in 2019.

Two-thirds of Rohingya Muslims who go on the dangerous journey on this route are women and children. This increases the risk of being exploited by human traffickers. In addition, as stated in the report, insufficient food and water, scorching heat, waves, and storms make this dangerous journey for refugees even more difficult.

#rohingya #refugees #myanmar #rohingyamuslims #dangerousjourney
  • Afghanistan;

A country that has hosted civilizations since prehistoric times on its territory… Nowadays it is a country full of destruction, caused by internal turmoil for many years. 

UNICEF Afghanistan Representative Herve De Lys said in a video conference she attended from Kabul that children paid the highest price of the crisis in the country. She emphasized that there are nearly 10 million children in desperate need of humanitarian aid, and added: 

“All this in a year in which more than 550 children have been killed, and more than 1400 injured. This is a child protection crisis in a country that is already one of the worst places on earth to be a child. “

What a tragic situation in a country where children make up almost half of the population… children who are deprived of their right to education, nutrition, and all the other aspects of a healthy upbringing...

  • A country in South Arabia once called Arabia Felix, meaning "happy/fertile Arabia" by Roman geographers… Why is it struggling today? 

More than 15 million people in Yemen need support in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene, of which 8 million are in emergency situations.

Hundreds of schools were destroyed or damaged due to the war in the country. That's why around 3 million children will not be able to continue their education this year.

Every 10 minutes a child dies from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

80% of Yemen's population is in need of humanitarian aid.

Nearly 5 million people are on the brink of famine.

Now is the time to act immediately to help Yemen, where one of the world's biggest humanitarian crises is happening, because every life matters!

#yemen #yemencrisis #humanitariancrisis #famine #takeaction