Women of War

Women of War

Women of War Signature Campaign

This report focuses on gender-based violence against women in war and examines the wider role women have played in combating this issue in war-torn societies. It aims to discuss the implications of sexual violence on women and to present opportunities for mitigation at both the individual and societal level.

In the past three decades, women have endured countless abuses in various wars, leaving them traumatized and scarred long after the fighting has ended. Despite this, many women have actively resisted war and played a crucial role in promoting peace and conflict resolution.

TRT World Citizen aims to raise awareness of these women’s stories who have faced the most difficult of situations, we hope to increase hope and positively impact the lives of millions of women who continue to bear burden of conflicts around the world.

Additionally, the report discusses the positive impact of female involvement in conflict resolution and peace-building, highlighting opportunities for integrative solutions to war, where women can be agents of change.

The “Women of War” campaign, organized by TRT World Citizen, is an opportunity to renew their commitment to peace and justice.