TRT World Citizen, aiming to find solutions to global human issues and create awareness while contributing to societal transformation, is built on the belief that every global citizen can play a role in this transformation. Accordingly, TRT awards individuals who have made worldwide contributions to their communities in five categories through the TRT World Citizen Awards, which are held annually. TRT World Citizen, a program that runs in accordance with TRT’s dedication to broadcasting and social responsibility, encourages award recipients to share their stories to the world and inspire positive change.

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The award ceremony takes place in the last months of the year, bringing together a diverse audience of government representatives, NGOs, artists, and academics.

The first award ceremony was held in 2018. Since then, awards have been presented to 20 individuals from 13 different countries. Since then, this ceremony has been held annually and is now entering its fifth edition this year.

The Educator Award

The Educator Award recognises educators who demonstrate innovation in enhancing educational standards, expanding educational accessibility, or delivering high-quality local education to underserved populations. Through their creative approaches and unwavering commitment to education, these honorees inspire not only their students but also the wider community, leaving a lasting impact on the future of learning.

The Communicator Award

The Communicator Award honours individuals who make a positive global impact by establishing authentic connections with people. Nominees for this award are selected from those who have harnessed diverse communication tools, such as the internet and social media platforms, to understand and enhance the lives of others. These individuals may have addressed humanitarian issues through various forms of expression, including film, music, literature, or art.


The Youth Award

The Youth Award is presented to remarkable young individuals who, despite their age, proactively engage in addressing local challenges and contribute meaningfully to society and the environment through innovative solutions. These young changemakers exemplify the potential of youth to drive positive change.


The World Citizen of the Year Award

The World Citizen of the Year Award is bestowed upon an individual selected from a pool of candidates who have made significant contributions to their local community or the community they identify with. These individuals are recognised for their creative problem-solving and expertise in addressing regional challenges, thereby exemplifying the qualities of a true global citizen.


The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to an individual who stands out among candidates for dedicating their life to making a positive impact on society through exemplary service and leadership. These recipients have left a significant and lasting positive influence on their communities.