Box of Happiness

TRT World Citizens project “Box of Happiness” is a humanitarian campaign which aims to bring joy to children during the blessed holiday of Eid Al-Adha.


In 2018, 500 boxes filled with toys, coloured pencils, coloured books, TRT World Citizen caps were funded by the contributions of staff at TRT World and TRT Arabic. The Boxes were prepared at the TRT World building by TRT World staff and then sent to Gaziantep in collaboration with Turkish Red Crescent. The boxes were given to orphan refugee children living in Gaziantep. The distribution was held at a school in Nizip, Gaziantep with volunteers of TRT World Citizen and Turkish Red Crescent.


In 2017, The TRT World Citizen Box of Happiness took place in Idlib, Syria. As part of Eid al-Adha celebrations, TRT World Citizen staff packaged boxes filled with toys, stationery, and confectionary as gifts for children in the Idlib Refugee Container Camp. These boxes were distributed to refugee families in partnership with Turkish Red Crescent.

TRT World Citizen has worked in collaboration with AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent to deliver gift packages to young refugees and their families.