Who We Are

Selin Burcu

Director, Training and Research at TRT

Elif Altın

World Citizen Awards Lead

Alpay Arı

Journalism for Juniors Lead

Eda Özyurt

Humanitarian Film Festival Lead

Sema Uğraş

Citizen Talks Podcast Lead

Saliha Afra Ünal

Digital Strategist and Creative Content Editor

N. Dilşat Kanat

Turkish Language Editor

Minkailu Jalloh

Campaign Specialist

Burcu Kaleli

Senior Campaign Specialist

Elif Cook

Campaign Specialist

Suha Sbouh

Corporate Relations Specialist

Ferda Ankun

Corporate Relations Specialist

S. İrem Çitler

Campaign Specialist

Ahmet Salih Dinç

Deputy Campaign Specialist

Muhammet Ali Üstün

Campaign Specialist

Zeynep Tecim

Campaign Specialist

At TRT World Citizen, we seek to develop and empower individuals of this character through our work, and more importantly, connect them to better our world.

World Citizen is an initiative of TRT World that intends to inspire individuals to recognize their ability to contribute to creating real change in the world. It also intends to use this as a platform for building a global coalition that is enhanced and encouraged by the potential of every member. Anyone and everyone can be a World Citizen. These individuals are defined by a sense of empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings, a respect for diversity and a willingness to share in the cultures of others, an awareness of the realities of others, and a desire to create positive change in the world by contributing within their capacity.

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Our Approach

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