Video Op-Eds

Videos produced in collaboration with the TRT World Research Centre conveying researcher’s findings in an interesting and engaging way.

PTSD and Refugee Children

Refugee children are victims of war and trauma. What is Turkey doing to help them? Ravale Mohydin from TRT World Research Centre looks at the Turkish Government’s efforts to ensure their futures in Turkey.

Refugee Impact on Economy

We team up with Ravale Mohydin from TRT World Research Centre to break down the impact of Syrian refugees on the Turkish economy.

Call to Action

Over 10,000 child refugees are missing throughout Europe. All of us have a part to play in finding a solution for these innocent children. We’re calling on all of you to stand up and be a part of the change.

50 Million Children

50 million children have been forced from their homes across the world.

Under 14 Years Old

Many of the 170,000 child refugees abandoned in Europe are under 14 years of age.

Child Trafficking

Over 170,000 child refugees in Europe are often subjected to child trafficking and organ theft.

The project Journalism for Juniors (J4J) has won IBC2019 Social Impact Award for Diversity and Inclusivity at the Award Ceremony of IBC 2019 in Amsterdam.

TRT’s World Citizen Initiative wins award in IBC 2019 in Amsterdam. The initiative, which is first of its kind, coordinates volunteer TRT journalists to undertake humanitarian projects using in-house resources.

TRT World Citizen inspires individuals to recognize their ability to contribute creating meaningful change in the world. It aims at using the strength of media to build greater consciousness about most pressing humanitarian issues.

TRT World Citizen’s two humanitarian campaigns, Journalism for Juniors andHello Brother, were shortlisted at IBC 2019 which is the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology show.

The project Journalism for Juniors (J4J) has won IBC2019 Social Impact Award for Diversity and Inclusivity at the Award Ceremony of IBC 2019 in Amsterdam.


J4J is a three-day workshop that teaches young people from underprivileged communities – in Turkey and overseas – how to tell their stories using the tools of journalism. It provides an opportunity for healing emotional trauma through self-expression and self-empowerment. Moreover, TRT’s staff, who voluntarily work in this project, encourage and inspire these young people to embrace journalism as a career.

In cooperation with Turkish public institutions such as TIKA, YTB and Ministry of Education, J4J has reached over the 1200 students including refugees in Turkey, Syria and Afghanistan and taught them the basics of journalism, storytelling, field producing, and digital journalism.

Hello Brother, the other project shortlisted for award in the event, was a special campaign organized after the murder of over 50 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. Its aim was to raise awareness about hate crimes, Islamophobia and racism. Hello Brother competed in the field of Ethical Leadership Award of IBC2019.