Thoughts in Motion

The ‘Thoughts in Motion’ videos were conceived to challenge the way interviews are conducted. A platform offering subjects, a space to reflect on their thoughts and feelings while engaging with footage projected onto two black walls. It captures an intimate moment of contemplation on a wide variety of topics. Participants range from prominent politicians to journalists, and from academics to average citizens.

Jaffar Hasnain

Uncovering the Unimaginable: A Journalist Jaffar Hasnain’s Experience of the February 6 Earthquakes

Melinda Nucifora

Resilience in the Rubble: A Journalist Melinda Nucifora’s Experience of the February 6 Earthquakes

Behesti Abdullah Tekin

A Shoot and Edit Cameraman Behesti Abdullah Tekin’s Experience of the February 6 Earthquakes

Maher Zain

“Get rid of the selfishness.” Maher Zain believes everyone has good in their hearts. We just need to find it and act on it.

Ibrahim Kalin

“Children are the most beautiful gift… we should be ashamed.” The Spokesperson for the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin, speaks about what the neglect of child refugees means for our humanity.

Stephen Chan

“I wanted to be better than the people who had rejected me.” Professor Stephen Chan recalls his life as the son of a refugee and reflects on what abandonment and destitution means for young refugees around the world.


Young refugees are being abandoned the world over. Over 10,000 are missing in Europe, alone. How have we allowed this tragedy to occur? We ask Professor Mukesh Kapila, Associate Professor Nadia Abu-Zahra, Director of Brookings Doha Center Tarik Yousef, and Rodney Dixon from the Temple Garden Chambers to share their thoughts on the matter.