Am I Not A Child?

Am I Not a Child? Signature Campaign

The ‘Am I Not a Child?’ initiative, under the directive of the TRT World Citizen, seeks to highlight the current humanitarian crisis concerning the trafficking of young refugees in Europe.

In light of one of the greatest humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen, TRT World Research Centre has published a report on the vital information and statistics about unaccompanied minors who have fled to the European Union as refugees.

This is a first for a global news network, and sets a new benchmark for the world of news, media, and reporting. At present, there are more than 170,000 unaccompanied and separated child refugees residing in the European Union; many of which are currently living in exploitative, violent, and often criminal environments.

This policy brief contains the information to urge policy makers to deal with these challenges, with a section focusing on case studies on the conditions refugees face in Italy, France, Greece and Spain. It provides context about child refugee trafficking in Europe with Anti Trafficking Policy Recommendations and concludes with a set of 15 Policy Recommendations to best protect child refugees and safeguard their rights.

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Edited and written by Dr Farhan Mujahid Chak, based on research conducted by the TRT World Research Centre, information booklets regarding the transition process, rights and entitlements, representatives and relevant NGOs deployed to refugee camps and shelters throughout the European Union.