Citizen Talks

Citizen Talks Podcast


Citizen Talks is a podcast series brought to you by TRT World Citizen, featuring discussions with humanitarians and activists, artists, and change makers, exploring the global humanitarian issues that shape our society, and the world at large.



1st Episode

'International Day of People with Disabilities' Special Program

2nd Episode

Positive Journalism

3rd Episode

Arian Teleheal: Addressing Mental Health During Humanitarian Aid

4th Episode

Activism in Youth: Barriers and Opportunities

5th Episode

Raising Awareness Through Creative Methods

6th Episode

Moving Beyond Boundaries: Changing Lives With Education

7th Episode

Empowering Youth for Sustainability

8th Episode

Exploring the Global Water Crisis: From Scarcity to Solutions

9th Episode

A New Approach to Mental Disability

10th Episode

Breaking Barriers: Innovative Technologies for Accessibility and Inclusion

1st Episode

Cultural Diplomacy in UK

2nd Episode

Ecording: Innovative Solutions for Ecology

3rd Episode

Raising Kids in the Age of Technology

4th Episode

Disaster and the Psyche