Dignity without Borders

Dignity without Borders

Dignity without Borders Signature Campaign

TRT World Citizen’s 2020 Signature Campaign will highlight the struggles and the successes of refugees and migrants all over the world. This report focuses on refugees fleeing war and destruction, often leaving with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Refugees flee their home countries not only due to international conflict, but also due to violence in their own countries unrelated to international conflict.

The campaign, “Dignity without Borders,” organized by TRT World Citizen, seeks to not only promote the rights of refugees to access opportunities that can lead to a better future but also collaborate with civil society organizations to rebuild their confidence, enhance their well-being, and foster their reintegration into society. Through this initiative, TRT World reinforces its commitment to shared prosperity, access, and the chance for a better life for all.

The bravery of refugees is unparalleled as they flee violence, death, and destruction in search of a safer future for themselves and their loved ones. They are not just victims of international conflict, but also of violence within their own countries, as witnessed by the traumas endured by the people of Afghanistan, Syria, Myanmar’s Rohingya, and Kashmiri Muslims in the past decades.

This report aims to highlight the barriers that prevent refugees from accessing better futures and provide solutions to ensure that they can achieve a brighter tomorrow.

Refugees are fighters, embodying incredible resilience. The true objective of this campaign is to support their journey towards rebuilding their lives.